Online Expert on Blog Monetization

Feeling Rich? You’ll Find here some Non-fiction Tips on Achieving Your Financial Goals through Blogging.

It’s a cliché that only IT-related guys are wanted. Actually, marketers, social media managers and bloggers can win the competition. Besides, your profit isn’t capped by such labels as studies. It’s not an attempt to diminish your diploma significance, but don’t limit yourself to a choice you’ve made a few or many years ago.

You can be a licensed architecture that evolved into a gifted ghost writer. You can be a very well-qualified doctor that turned into a medical transcriptionist and so on. Thus, if you were a translator for years, you may translate from home. If you know or want to acquire teaching skills: online tutoring is one of the most thriving areas.

Did you know that apart from the vacancy you choose, you still may back up your money flow by establishing a passive income? To make sure we’re on the same page, don’t take “passive” too literally: at first, you’ll need to devote efforts in your future gold mine, and as a bank deposit, it will gratefully return the investments with interest rate. The point is to set the source and grow it, then let it work for you: just like the reputation itself, firstly, you work for it, then it works for you!

It’s not a new trend. It’s not underrated anymore. However, the competition is raising with each minute. What’s this? Blogging. Usually, people begin to blog with no intention to become millionaires, the maximum they count on is some extra help with the bills. What they didn’t know at first, is that making money on their own terms was possible in many ways.

Blogging nowadays

Writing for your blog(s) isn’t officially considered a high-powered job. However, in the monetary sense it may become a steady ongoing money-maker.

It’s a break with tradition: the old printed book-distribution rules don’t apply to blogging. It’s not a one-time work amount that once completed will become your passport to immortality: in the past, if you were lucky enough, you’d conceive a book and enjoy royalties. A blog requires permanent attention even if you’re popular.

Try to abandon it for half a year and all your subscribers will forget you! Consider it more like a social media account, no direct in-person interaction, still implicitly you’ll communicate with your audience: show it you care and see what happens…

How to start it?

So, where a self-made blogger begins? On WordPress! All the above philosophical speculations may be useful but not before you set the blog itself: join the biggest blogging platform, without it, you cannot publish your high-quality content.

WordPress stands for your content manager: it will help with the processing and adjusting activities. You may ask why not Blogger, Tumblr or a thousand other proper names.

Well, because WordPress is the universal solution and answer to anything! This is a veteran that has been looking after bloggers for many years. It knows things and also, is keen enough to anticipate a good deal of issues that younger CMS’ are only learning to struggle with. It means that, by comparison, WordPress is “experienced and immune”, consequently it learned to solve any of the problem, you, as a blogger may encounter.

The following action to take is choosing the best hosting services and a domain name: did you already baptize your blog? Give your preferences to a title that’s easy to remember. Find an available variant of that name and register it as your domain. The same host that provided you with a domain name will supply your blog with space on its servers.

After investigating the market you’ll see that there are not so many hosting providers to trust: if the company servers are having some blackouts, like going down from time to time, be aware that your blog won’t be up either. So, choose wisely.

After you set up the blog scratch, you will have the pleasure of designing it. You don’t build it yourself, only select from: a) existing free themes; b) paid customizable themes.

Finally, you can get busy with making people happy. Become an expert in putting simple but valuable things into words. Bring it to a new level of mastery and be generous: one by one, you will gather readers.

Don’t forget that 95% of visitors are one-time clickers, they won’t come back. Your reader-plankton is made out of approx. 5%. Take a good care of them! Be honest and never sell dreams…

After you will work hard on your new blogging hobby for about 3-6 months, let’s see how you can supplement your income: a well-built blog represents a robust earning potential, don’t neglect it.

Your Blog Is a Brilliantly Monetized Blog – Make It Happen

Most frequently, when thinking about money in connection to blogging, people conclude that it’s all about advertisement: you have a certain number of regular visitors and you get paid to show them ads.

Well, it’s not a myth that you can sell ad space, but accepting individual or network advertisement isn’t the only method of scaling your business. It’s easy since you set and may forget it though.

Rather controversial, but if you keep an ethical approach, you’ll succeed: sponsored posts. At a point in your blogger career, you’ll be asked (or you may offer yourself) to write about a product or service for money. It’s up to you to decide, if you are in or out this sort of deals, but don’t judge it with prejudices: that brand may be not only profitable, but quite useful and qualitative. The main reason why its owners wants it promoted on your blog can be:

  • They are new, so a branding campaign is run. Raising awareness – “We Exist” isn’t a crime;
  • Your audience is exactly their market. So they target specifically, not anyone, which again, isn’t to be blamed: they are selective, isn’t that nice?
  • It can happen that not the audience is the explanation but your style and skills.

Now, let’s diversify the revenue streams. An additional financial advice would be getting into affiliate programs. You become the partner of that or that label. Choose a trademark you believe in, otherwise said, you’re not ashamed to recommend others, and engage in a mutually rewarding relationship.

Most probably, you should have more than one single hobby. Did you ever think to sell one hobby through another?

Blogging is one of the leisure time entertainments, but what if you also enjoy crafting toys, designing hand-made clothes or accessories? What if you are bold enough to exceed your own inhibitions and write an entire book to sell it via your blog? The sky is the limit…