High value home insurance

We are one of the leading specialist home insurance brokers in the UK and one of only a few offering a full range of high value home insurance cover to owners of higher value properties and their contents. If you live in a higher value home, or your have contents worth more than £50,000, you will probably have experienced problems getting insurance […]

How to use a credit card responsibly

Many of us have pondered over the question of whether to apply for a credit card or not. We have seen credit card bills shoot up to sky high levels for some while others use it responsibly and pay their dues on time. If handled well and used responsibly, a credit card can be a worthy tool in your financial […]

How to Have Load Testing Done on Your Site

If you’re the proud owner of a site, you know how important it is for you to get load testing done regularly. What load testing is something that ensures that your visitors are able to quickly and easily be able to view your site no matter what device or network they happen to be using. This means that the company […]

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Accountant

If you’re submerging in a sea of invoices, receipts, and cash flow statements that you can’t make advantage of, it might be time to call in expert help. A knowledgeable accountant can assist you arrange your records, check your budget, and ensure you’re remaining on the perfect track economically. Pros of Hiring an Accountant Accountants are aware what they’re doing: […]

Should You Be Buying Instead of Renting?

Nowadays all you hear about is how difficult it is to get onto the property ladder, especially when it comes to younger people. It can be difficult to build up the deposit as well as the necessary financial stability and savings to make the move from renting to actually purchasing a house. While difficult, however, it’s not exactly impossible. It’s […]