Top Traits of the Best Outplacement Firms

You will find various outplacement agencies in the market, big and small, because of which choosing anyone them can be a daunting task. One of the easiest ways to shortlist from a long list of agencies is to see whether they hold some of the basic traits or not. By looking at these you will be able to determine whether the service provider is worth investing time and effort in or not.

Outplacement companies can be very helpful in providing complete employee satisfaction. But, they also need to fit your organization well too as the HR department will be responsible for the overall performance of the firm in your organization.

Whether the company claims to be one of the top 10 outplacement firms of the industry or not, you need to make sure that they have the following traits:

Online availability

You need to make sure that the company shortlisted is updated with the latest technology and actually uses it. The company that you decide on should have video tutorials online which should hold every possible information an employee can need, this should also be available in written form. The access to these videos and documents should be 24/7.

Job search guide

The company should have step by step detailed instructions on how an employee should search for a job. It should also tell the milestones one should accomplish at various stages in order to succeed;

Career tools

There are various career tools that a person will need to be efficient in finding a job. The checklist of these tools should exist and they should all be user-friendly.

Job search technology

Other than the technology that a company should hold, they should also be updated with the information of the latest trends and technologies in job search, their effectiveness and how to use them.

Career coaches

Every company should have experienced career coaches who have a record to show. They will be extremely helpful in finding the right job match for your employee.


The company and their coaches should be available in real time and within office hours so that employees can make as much use of them as possible.


Each company should prioritize the privacy of the employees of the company. They should be able to privately answer any questions that one may have.

Skype call

Every outplacement provider should have Skype and phone so that employees can easily call the coaches at any given time when they need help.

One year coverage

The company should be willing to give one employee a year’s help in order to find the perfect job.