How to choose a good camera? Sooner or later this question is asked. You choose a

camera for yourself, a gift to your boss, for your relative, a waterproof camera for your children … You will inevitably come across the

fact that there are many models on the market, and their price varies enormously. We

will try to tell you how to choose the right camera at an affordable price, ideally suited

for your needs.

Let’s start with the release date. Progress does not stand still, technologies are

developing, and more often there is no point in buying the reliable but old model. Pay

attention to cameras of 2016 and 2017. New cameras shoot better than older models.

How to choose a good camera? Let’s try to understand. The concept of “good” is

different for everyone: someone appreciates the perfect quality of photographs, for

someone a compact size is important, and someone puts the color of the case first.

Therefore, conditionally we will divide all cameras presented in the market into several

categories. We will explain for whom this or that category is ideal. Moreover, in each

category we have already selected 3-5 the best cameras for you for today based on

our own experience and our unique tests.


In fact, they are called relatively compact. Miniature sizes are by no means an

indicator. Rather, it is a historical name that has been inherited by a whole class of

photo equipment since the time of compact soap boxes. Now in the segment of

compact cameras hundreds of models are presented: from tiny pocket cameras to

giants-superzooms. All of them are united by one: the camera is already equipped with

a non-replaceable lens. You do not need to think about optics, just get the camera out

of the box, charge and start shooting.

The cheapest cameras are compacts. This is due to the simplicity of their design and

not too high characteristics (for example, the small size of the matrix). But compacts

are the most stylish, the smallest, with the biggest zoom. There are waterproof models

that allow you to shoot underwater. For fans of unsurpassed image quality, there is

also something interesting in this segment. These are premium-class compacts that

can compete as images even with mirrors.


Mirror cameras are the most popular segment of photographic equipment in recent

years. Their main features are high image quality even in difficult light conditions due

to the use of large dies, high speed of operation and many manual settings. It is a

good camera for an amateur who plans both to shoot everything, and to take photos


How to choose a digital camera: Canon, Nikon, Sony? Or maybe you prefer another

brand? Read classifieds for free on different sites that offer cameras. With respect to DSLRs, everything is very simple: now only a few

manufacturers make such cameras on the market: the three mentioned above, and

Pentax and Sigma. All manufacturers are well-known and have solid experience and

high reputation.

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